Bangladesh Textile Sector Offers Joint Ventures

LAHORE: Bangladesh has offered Joint Ventures to the Pakistan’s Textile industry. The textile industry of the both countries can be promoted to boost exports.

Sohrab Hussain, Bangladesh’s High Commissioner expressed these views in all Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Lahore Office in a meeting with Chairman of (APTMA) S M Tanveer. On this occasion, Group leader of APTMA Gohar  Aijaz including other members of APTMA and senior member were also present .

Bangladesh High Commissioner said that Pakistan's textile industry is developed on the basis of modern and here is the best cotton produce, while Bangladesh has best garments industry and skilled manpower is available. If both countries apply joint project in the textile industries, so not only can both increase textile exports but also trade and investment between Pakistan and Bangladesh could increase. He said Pakistani textile manufacturers should establish interaction with the Bangladesh manufacturers and also emphasized on exchanges so that both countries manufacturer can come together and expand their trade.

On this occasion, APTMA Chairman S M Tanveer has appreciated fastest growing garment industry of the Bangladesh. Government of Pakistan offered the Bangladeshi investors to invest in the textile sector and said that if Bangladeshi garment industry works together with the Pakistan’s garment industry so both countries can get benefit.

High Commissioner assured Chairman of the APTMA that bilateral interaction will boost between Pakistan and Bangladesh in textile industry and trade will remove all roadblocks in the way between the two countries in the field of textile


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